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Monday, 18 April 2011

Author Signings at the Festival

We have just confirmed that 2 local authors will be doing book signings at the festival, 2-4pm on Sunday 10th July in the marquee at Arlington Village Hall.

Sue Edwards
Memoirs of a WAAF
Life of an 18 year-old in the WAAF in the 1940s, based on original dairies, notes and photos.
RRP £10.99
The true account of 18 year old Daphne Dangerfield who joined the WAAF in September 1942, having only started full-time work a few months before. She was feeling bored and wanted to do something useful to help the war effort, so she joined up. The war was in full swing by then and plenty of other 'service women' were wandering about...

Jill Rutherford
Jill Rutherford’s memoir covers seven years in Japan and is one woman’s story of how a middle-aged, rather gentrified British woman, with no influential friends in Japan, very little money, no job and no qualifications to get a job there, could realise her dream of living and working in Japan and survive and prosper in one of the world’s most ancient cultures, where real life is hidden under a veil of good manners and everything takes on a different meaning.
£1 of every book sold through this website will be donated to the earthquake appeal in Japan.
 You can also read the first 30 pages of the book via,